Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is a Transcendental Grasshopper?

The Transcendental Grasshopper is a teacher (me!) who decided to put herself into the shoes of a struggling yoga student.  What can I learn?

I've "done" yoga for a long time, but about a year ago I began "practicing" yoga, and I really learned what that meant.  Now, I'm trying to live a yogic life, and I'm trying to use what I learn in my books and on my mat to "rise above" everything in my life that's not positive.

Monday is my 30th birthday, so at such a young age, what do I have to transcend? Well, like most of you...the negativity of others.  The constant need to focus on what is wrong with my life and how much better my life could be "if only."  The anger and frustration that others try to project on those around them.  The inefficiency and inequality of the world around me.


Even at this young age, I'm trying to learn to transcend my physical limitations.  I've been suffering from chronic and debilitating pain for years.  Countless doctors, specialists, tests, scans, and blood work later...there's no diagnosis.  Yoga is my way of combating the pain, but now the pain keeps me from progressing in yoga. So, there is fear.  What if I have to live like this for the rest of my life?

I am trying to learn how to transcend my pain.


But I am still a young grasshopper-- I am still trying to learn.  I am hoping others will want to learn with me-- will want to read my thoughts and converse or debate-- that we can form a community and learn from each other.  That I have a forum to explore all the emotional, spiritual, physical...and "other"...aspects of yoga.

There is further significance to the "Grasshopper."  For those of you who don't's a pretty intense yoga pose. It looks like this:
Thanks to Google Images, and check out yoga blogger Tula Flow for more awesome yoga writing.

Anyway, I want to get there...but right now it's not even in the realm of physical possibilities. So, along my journey of self-discovery and transcending all that is not-OM, I will also be documenting my journey towards finding my inner, and outer, grasshopper.  This is where I'm at now (no laughing...remember, yoga comes free of judgement!):
 (Yes, that's just a crow. That's as far as I can get...sometimes!)

So, I start this blog today, September 1, to finally face my fear of judgement (on my mat and of my thoughts).  Today is also significant because I am starting my 30 day challenge (26 practices in 30 days) to culminate in a YogaAid event on October 2nd.  So, wish me luck! (on my blog, on my mat, and in my "transcendental" journey!)



  1. I have learned so much in the last year of yoga practice; mainly that I am both " the student" and "the teacher" within myself; allowing both to be called forward during each practice. I joined yoga to lose some weight; and after that I found another 30 things that yoga brings to my life; sleep, patience, peace, energy… I talk constantly about the practice, show people simple poses to relieve stress, carpal tunnel, and back pain.
    I practiced many years ago but it was so generic and un- inspiring I lost interest. I was a runner since I was 8 yoa, running distance/marathons for many, many years and the difference for me in running and yoga is; you run, feel the burn, hit the wall, find your pace…the run, burn, wall then done….Yoga is different in that it carries me to my next practice even if there is days in between, because I practice from the inside out.
    I know the kind of pain you live with, no resolve and constant. I too suffered from the same kind of medical madness, until I was finally “correctly” diagnosed 11 yrs. ago with Hashimoto’s disease; an auto immune disease in which the thyroid has died or is in hypothyroid function. I was devastated after losing my hair, losing massive amounts of weight, then gaining all of it back, my teeth and eyesight deteriorated as well….all of these symptoms, nothing brought relief. I finally found an Endocrinologist who treats me, all of me not just masks my symptoms with massive doses of doubt and med. I will live with this the read of my life, but it does not define me. I take my meds, PRACTICE YOGA, not self-pity, read, listen to music, walk, and treat myself really well…that is my defining moment; would I have realized all this without yoga, doubtful and if so it would have taken me years longer.
    I think that yoga brought you to do this blog; nothing in this world is without purpose or meaning. Sometimes the lessons in life are truly what other people experience for us to see, learn from and apply to our own lives.
    Thank you for the invite, I am looking forward to being a part of it.
    Namaste ~ Jaime

  2. @lillgracie: While doing some of my own research I came across Hashimoto's disease, and I was surprised none of the doctors/ specialists had even mentioned it. In the past, thyroid has been brought up, and it has always been fine, and perhaps that is why. Like all the other auto-immunes, I share some symptoms while some others are not present, but I was thinking about bringing it up as a possibility anyhow next time I go in.

    Thanks so much for the encouragment! :)